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Magic Autumn: Autumn English camp program


English day camp in Kharkiv (from 9.00 to 18.00)


Kharkiv"The World of Kindness"

    - developing English language program
    - exciting excursions
    - games, contests, competitions, songs, dance, creativity
    - 9:00 English every day
    - caring, energetic, fun counselors
    - All inclusive! (even travel on public transport!)
    - All in English!
    - Everything is left to chance!

October 28 - November 3




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Unique English language change in Lviv

"Learn to guide" («Course of English-speaking guide"):Lviv

    - language practice, overcoming the language barrier
    - orientation in an unfamiliar city
    - development of interesting sightseeing tour of the city
    - interaction with the group, leadership development
    - effective presentation skills
    - skills to conduct tours in English

October 27 - November 3




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English-language fascinating journey to Greece

"The cradle of civilization":lutraki_s

   - English development program: quizzes, games, competitions, songs, discussions - all in English
   - Experienced, caring and catchy leading groups
   - 3 days in the capital of Greece - Athens
   - Close contact with the culture, history, traditions and daily life in Greece
   - Familiarity with the ancient world of Greece
   - Fascinating meetings with the Greek youth and informative communication with the population visited places
   - Friendly and fun team; educational games, contests, team competitions; many unique impressions and photographs; increase independence, responsibility, tolerance and openness of participants
   - Many amenities, goodies, differences, fun and joy

October 24 - November 10

Price: 850 €*, for adults - 925 €*


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