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English Summer camp in the Carpathians (Yaremche)


This change is for those who want to visit the unique places of the Carpathians:

  • Climb the highest mountain in Ukraine - Hoverla
  • Walk the path of Dovbush to his own rocks
  • See, or even bathe in the waterfalls "Breakout", "Jonka", "Girl's Tears"
  • To look at Yaremche from the height of Makovytsya Mountain
  • To cool the summer heat with the waters of the ancient Prut
  • To fill the lungs with curative air of the green Carpathians
  • And most importantly - to get both pleasure and benefit from our fascinating English-speaking program of personal development and overcoming the language barrier!


English children's camp in the Carpathians (Yaremche)


Our English-language camp is located in the "Boyarsky", Yaremche.
The estate is washed by the stream "Boyarsky". Seven springs around, spring water supply.
The owner is Mikhail Rovenko (amateur songwriter, leader of the band "Vatagi").


Yaremche. The Manor "Boyarsky" Yaremche. Manor "Boyarsky". Inside


• rooms for 2-3-4 people
• facilities in the room or on the floor
• hot water constantly
Yaremche. Manor "Boyarsky". room Yaremche. Manor "Boyarsky". room2
Yaremche. "Boyarsky". room Yaremche. Number in the estate "Boyarsky"

3-times a day, balanced and tasty



Photos from the session  (as we actively rested and developed):





15.07 - 23.07.2023: Want, Can or Have to? Overcoming obstacles.
What is more important for success and happiness: desire or duty, motivation or discipline?


How do we get to the camp?


Limited number of spots!





Where will we go?

• The highest mountain in Ukraine - Goverla
• Waterfalls "Breakout", "Jonka", "Girl's Tears"
• Mount Makovica
• Dovbush Rocks
• Lake "Nasamovytė"



Ascent to Hoverla

The height of Goverla is 2061 meters. The name of the highest point of Ukraine comes from the Hungarian and means "snow mountain". That's why do not be surprised if in the summer you see snow on top.

Half way, we go by a special bus, then we ourselves climb to the summit itself, accompanied by two conductors (not guides).


Ascent to Hoverla


This is a protected area, therefore it is necessary to adhere to special rules:
- can not litter,
- damage nature,
- To build bonfires,
- It is forbidden to put tents, fish, collect flowers, berries, mushrooms, etc.
PRICE: 500 euro


What is included in the price?

A carefully thought out and exciting program (THREE in ONE):
   › recreation
   › personal development
   › overcoming the language barrier - all in English!
• work of English-speaking counselors
Accommodation for 2-3-4 people per room
3 meals a day, delicious
Excursions to the program


Additional paid: travel to the venue and back





For more information, contact us!


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