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English camp in Kharkiv region


We nurture a happy person!



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English-speaking camp for children is located in a picturesque corner of the forest, not far from the Siversky Donets River in the recreation center "Verhnia Pysarivka".


English camp in Kharkov on summer vacation English-speaking children's camp in Kharkov


There is a club, a cafe, shop, sauna, table tennis, football and basketball fields there. The river is 10 minutes walk from the base.


Base Verkhne-Pisarevskaya. Children's camp. Upper Pisarevka. Children's camp


Accommodation. In cottages with a veranda, 4 people in a room, conveniences for a block of three rooms.


House House 2


Cupboard Bed



Photos from the previous sessions:






June 11 - 20: Integrity Rock in Values Valley. The Celestial Rock in the Valley of Values
(The integrity of character - we learn not to exchange the gold of life's values for the details of everyday life)


August 1 - 10: Temperance Treasury. Treasury of harmony and moderation
(Needs. Desires. Pleasure. Balance. Harmony. Happiness)


Session is for 10 days



Price: 11500 UAH



Carefully thought through English-speaking personality development program!
Accommodation - in cottages with a veranda, 3-4 people in a room, conveniences for a block of three rooms
• Meals 4 times a day, balanced, healthy, tasty
• Exciting excursions and hikes in the vecinity








Let's overcome the communicative barrier together!


English - all day round!


Everything is thought through to the smallest detail!





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