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Financial questions

Dear participants of the program Magic Camp!


Program exists and grows only because of your support! Only your contributions (and any other funds, organizations or firms) allow us to organize and hold for you and your child develops a unique English-language holiday in Ukraine and abroad.


To catch all the good and professionally prepare us desirable to understand in advance how many participants and the places where we will be, so for us it is important that you announced their plans to participate in our programs as soon as possible and not to delay the financial security of these programs.


The first interest and pre-registration can already fix for two or three months before the change . If possible, it would be nice to have at this time and the first to make contributions to the program. And it will be clear who is already with us, and you will be easier to select a small (or large) amount gradually than all at once full payment.


Highly desirable that a month before the start of the program Your financial support has been received in full. This is not a strict rule, but it would be nice.


Attention! If you change your mind or for other reasons can not participate in the program (and we will not have to replace one participant) and warn us

 - For 30-21 days prior to the change, you have returned 80% of the tour price,

 - For 20-15 days - 70%

 - For 14-8 days - 50%

 - For 7-5 days - 25%

 - For 4-2 days - 10%.


Remember: you have the opportunity to transfer your participation in the program on other dates, but with the proviso that these dates are vacancies, or to another season. When transferring participation you save 90% of the tour price.


We work for you, we appreciate your support and therefore offer included in our Loyalty Program or to become a full member of clever with all the benefits and obligations.


You choose, but the main thing in any your choice - a willingness to mutual cooperation and mutual support based on common goals and interests: the welfare and development of children.



For more information contact us!


Contact numbers :


+38067 590 05 56 - Andrew

+38050 401 79 47 - Andrew

+38073 053 78 89 - Andrew